crane lifts a mobile officee

Ford Plant – Silverton

Client: Radon Projects (Pty) Ltd

Turnkey Demolishers worked with Radon Projects at Ford’s Silverton assembly plant in Pretoria.

Ford is making significant investments at the plant to increase Ford Ranger exports.

The multinational company exports the bakkie in various guises worldwide.

Scope of demolitions

The demolition works’ scope required that we operate in several phases.

Turnkey Demolishers broke and removed several brick walls inside the plant.

Some of these walls stood 11m high. This required us to assemble scaffolding and operate a scissor lift on occasion.

We also dismantled several drywall offices.

Effective dust control and suppression were imperative at all times.

This we achieved by insulating the work areas with plastic sheeting.

We used a scissor lift to hang the sheeting from the roof and sprayed water to contain the dust.

Challenging work environment

It was a challenging demolition project with stringent safety and procedural requirements.

Natural lighting in the plant is low, and so we had to cater for this. It became hot working during the day underneath the factory’s metal roof.

It was vital that we not interrupt the workings of the plant in any way. The assembly plant employs hundreds of full-time workers.

We had to respect their need to work in a dust-free environment. We had to be mindful of where we stored equipment and parked vehicles when they were not in use.

There are large financial implications of shutting down the plant.

The Silverton plant makes use of high power electric cables and buzbars.

With the power off, we had a very narrow window of opportunity to complete our work.

We had to be thoughtful and careful, and work to complete the tasks during the strict time frames afforded to us.

Phased approach

We had to use different equipment types to complete each of the phases. Using several jackhammers, we broke down the walls in a controlled manner.

We used a Bobcat skid steer loader and a tipper truck to remove the rubble as the walls came down.

In demolition, it is vital to keep your work areas clean and tidy.

Ford has rigorous environmental requirements. All salvaged materials obtained were set aside and stored in prescribed locations.


Safety is always at the forefront of the tasks that we complete.

The entire Turnkey Demolishers team underwent mandatory induction training before work commenced.

The induction comprised a three-hour lecture. This clarified the inner workings of the plant.

All phases were completed on time and within budget. We worked after hours, and on weekends to cut disruptions.

We also provided non-demolition related work, repairing a storm-water pipe. We are happy to help out wherever needed!

Strong working relationship

This was the first time that Radon Projects contracted Turnkey Demolishers.

We are happy to be forging a strong, long-term relationship with Radon Projects.

We look forward to working with them on more demolition projects!